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For over 40 years, X-Yachts has been designing exceptional sailing yachts with an enviable reputation for quality We are proud to be the exclusive representative for X-Yachts in the Southeastern United States. Constant innovation alongside meticulous attention to detail and a superb build have awarded this Danish builder with a fantastic reputation and an incredibly loyal following.

From comfortable yet sprightly cruisers to formidable opponents on the race course, X-Yachts have much to offer the quality-conscious sailor. Explore the latest X-Yachts for sale in our listings, and get in touch with our knowledgeable brokers for more information.

Superb Sailing Pleasure

X-Yachts are designed to offer comfort, safety, and reliability, regardless of weather and sea-state. These vessels provide superb sailing pleasure for the discerning sailor who enjoys and appreciates a truly remarkable sailing experience.


Equipment and materials are chosen based on quality, not cost to build. Buyers can rest assured that X-Yachts are truly superior in their construction, maintaining their quality and value over time.

A Boat For Every Sailor

Whether racing, cruising, or weekending, arriving to a destination safely is of utmost importance. Ideally, the structural integrity of a boat alongside careful design will allow for a comfortable passage while making no compromise on performance. X-Yachts has perfected the fusion of sailing performance and quality, affording owners pleasurable sailing and peace of mind. Explore the lineup below, and discover the perfect model for you.


Its right there in the name. The XPerformance line offers world-class sailing performance, perfect for racing. But these boats don’t sacrifice on comfort. Ever-evolving designs implement the latest developments in sailing technology, with X-Yachts consistently winning regattas world-wide. While the models from the Xp line are stunning from the dock, their performance out on the water is absolutely breathtaking. The newest designs are optimized for the increasingly popular IRC handicap rules and latest ORC rules.


  • Xp 55: Sail Magazine’s Best Boats of 2019: Flagship Monohull
  • Xp 50: Adriatic Boat of the Year in 2013 (Performance Boats 40’-60’)
  • Xp 44: Sailing World’s Boat of the Year in 2014 (Midsize Cruisers 41’-45’)

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Cruise in style with these impressive performance yachts that make no compromises on comfort. Combining ease of handling with luxury amenities, these yachts are in a class of their own. Featuring a deeper V-shaped hull, the XCrusing line boasts unparalleled stability and plenty of room below deck, with only a marginal reduction in light-air performance.


  • Xc 50: HISWA Sailing Boat of the Year
  • Xc 45: Cruising World’s Best Full-Size Cruiser Under 50’ (2016)
  • Xc 42: HISWA Sailing Boat of the Year
  • Xc 45: Sailing Today Awards’ 2015 Performance Cruiser
  • Xc 45: 2009 European Yacht of the Year (Luxury Cruiser) 2009
  • Xc 38: European Yacht of the Year (Luxury Cruiser) 2011
  • Xc 35: Sail Magazine’s Best Boats of 2015, 31’-40’

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XRange models are exceptional performance cruisers. From bow to stern, these state-of-the-art yachts are designed for the ultimate in luxury and performance. Innovative features above and below deck allow the performance-focused sailor to find enjoyment aboard a comfortable cruising vessel. XRange models do not compromise the fulfillment found in a beautifully designed performance boat, while still allowing for long-range cruising.


  • X4⁹: HISWA Sailing Boat of the Year
  • X4⁹: Cruising World’s Best Full-Size Cruiser for 2019
  • X43: 2017 HISWA Sailing Boat of the Year
  • X43: Cruising World’s Best Full-Sized Cruiser Under 50’ 2017
  • X43: Adriatic Boat of the Year: Performance 41’-60’ Winner 2017

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