What Does a Yacht Broker Do?

A yacht purchase is a significant investment. When you’re buying or selling a high value yacht, it’s advisable to work a professional who understands the market and all of the nuances involved in the sales process. That’s where a broker comes in. But what does a yacht broker do? Explore some of the key benefits that brokers provide for both the buyer and the seller, and contact Ashley Yachts today for expert brokerage services.

Benefits for Buyers

When functioning as a Buyer’s Representative, your broker will be by your side from beginning your search to closing and beyond. At Ashley Yachts, we offer free Buyer’s Representation services, offering advice and serving as your advocate throughout the purchase process. Here are just a few of the reasons to work with a broker when purchasing a yacht:

Your Partner From Search To Close

Whether you are an experienced boater with several boat purchases under your belt or a novice buyer, a broker can be of great value during your search. Once we know what a buyer is looking for, we can narrow the pool of potential boats.

Assistance with Sea Trial & Survey

Most purchases involve a sea trial and survey, commissioned by the buyer to thoroughly check a boat out from stem to stern. A buyer’s representative can advise and facilitate the survey and sea trial, acting as an intermediary between buyer, seller, surveyor, and any other necessary parties including the boatyard. Typically, your yacht broker will attend the survey either alongside you or in your stead if needed.

Documents & Closing

Beginning with your offer, it is important that every aspect of your sale or purchase is properly documented. Industry association-approved contracts ensure that all parties involved are thoroughly protected through the entire purchase/sale process, making this of great importance. The closing process of a yachts is not always simple, but your broker has likely dealt with almost any situation before! From confirming that a boat is free and clear to the movement of funds, it is of paramount importance that your closing is executed properly.

After the Sale

You’ve found the perfect boat, your offer has been accepted, you’ve surveyed and sea trialed the boat if necessary, and now she’s yours. A buyer’s representative’s job doesn’t always end at closing- we’re here to help! From dockage and boat detailing to refits, your broker can likely recommend industry professionals to make boat ownership as rewarding as possible.

Benefits for Sellers

Those selling their yacht can also benefit from brokerage services. Here are some of the key benefits of working with a broker when selling your boat:

Determining an Asking Price

One of your broker’s first jobs, besides becoming acquainted with the boat, is recommending an asking price for your boat. While there are hundreds of factors involved in determining an appropriate starting point, we usually start with what similar boats have been selling for. Alongside the current market and condition of your boat, this is one of the most important components in pricing.

Listing Optimization

There are thousands of boats on the market at any given time, so it’s important that your boat is presented in the best way possible. Thoroughness and accuracy of a listing can make a world of difference to a potential buyer, so your boat’s listing is very important. We are experienced at compiling photos and information in a way that is useful to those in the market, minimizing poor leads and maximizing interest in the boat.

Leads, Showings & Closing

Your Listing Broker is the sole point of contact for those interested in your boat. When you have employed the services of a knowledgeable yacht broker who is familiar with your boat, you save yourself time and hassle. Showings can be problematic, especially when buyer’s and seller’s schedules do not easily jib. A full-time broker is readily available to show prospects your boat! As we mentioned earlier, it is very important that all documentation is done properly from the Listing Agreement to Bills of Sale. Your broker ensures that all contracts and paperwork are done correctly.

Negotiation Expertise

Negotiations can become cumbersome or uncomfortable without an intermediary, and this is one area where yacht brokers can be of great assistance. We’re experienced with negotiations prior to and post-sale, and we are interested in the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller. In some cases, yacht brokers do represent both buyer and seller in a deal. A good, trustworthy broker has the ability to fairly represent both parties easily and without issue.

Proper Financial Procedures

Utilization of an established, trusted brokerage ensures that both buyers’ and sellers’ monetary interests are handled properly. It is very important that all financial aspects of the sale are correct, as improper handling of funds can put all parties involved at great risk. Your broker can ensure that the movement of all funds is accurate and guaranteed safe for all involved.

Choosing the Right Broker

When considering the services of a yacht broker, many factors can come into play. There are big brokerages, small brokerages, old brokers, young brokers—we come in all shapes and sizes! The most important aspect of choosing a broker is selecting someone who is a good fit for YOU and your needs.

Ease of communication, accessibility, and responsiveness are very important. If you can’t get in touch with a broker, it is likely that buyers will also have a hard time reaching them. As a brokerage, we pride ourselves in offering a diverse group of brokers who are active boaters including sailors (both cruisers and racers) and powerboat enthusiasts.

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