Leonardo Yachts’ Eagle 37: A State-of-the-art Daysailer

Leonardo Eagle 37

Designed in close cooperation with Hoek design, the Eagle 37 is an elegant daysailer for the boat owner that appreciates excellent sailing performance alongside beautiful design and craftsmanship. A modern underbody offers remarkable performance under way, while the Eagle 37’s beautiful lines abovedecks evoke a sense of luxurious timelessness sure to turn heads in any harbor. Leonardo Yachts’ attention to detail and workmanship are unparalleled in the daysailer market, with many satisfied sailors across the globe.

What are the benefits of a Daysailer?

A daysailer is the perfect fit for the boat owner looking for:

  • Reduced cost of storage: Since dockage is typically based upon a boat’s overall length, storage fees are often less for a daysailer than a cruising boat.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance: In addition to the fact that many boat-related costs are directly correlated to the size of the boat, daysailers offer the benefit of fewer systems and less time spent maintaining the systems that are on board.
  • Single-handed sailing: Daysailers can typically by single-handed with ease. The Eagle 37, for example, is designed with single-handed sailors in mind. With all lines led aft alongside easy yet  impressive sailing performance, this model was made for the solo sailor. With a daysailer, long-gone are the days of looking for crew and the disappointment of not going sailing because of others’ busy schedules!

Many clients who have entrusted us with the sale of their cruising-type sailboats over the years have cited one of the top reasons for selling as “when I bought the boat, friends and family were excited to go sailing with me, but now, I can never get out on the boat because of conflicting schedules and broken promises.” Having a boat that is daunting to single-hand when no one else can accompany you for a sail is no fun, and boat who just sits in her slip is not a happy boat!

The simplicity of a daysailer, especially at the size of Leonardo’s Eagle 37, allows sailors to get out on the water and enjoy sailing again. The simplicity of such a boat alongside options such as electric winches allow even the older sailor the opportunity of independence while experiencing the sheer, pure joy of sailing.

Sailing the Eagle 37

Whether sailing alone or with friends and family, the Eagle 37 is a joy to sail, even on days with light breeze. Her cockpit allows comfort for up to 6, while her interior space has been maximized. All lines are led aft to the cockpit for ease of sailing, made even more enjoyable by an electric winch for the main halyard (standard) and options for additional electrical sheet winches. A full carbon rig and various sail options are available upon request, for the sailor interested in a higher-performance boat. Interior amenities include a head, berth, and options for a sink and burner.

Ordering an Eagle 37

We have seen an increase in demand for Leonardo Yachts in the United States. While there are Eagles located on both the east and west coasts, an Eagle on the brokerage market in the United States is very rare. When owners decide to sell their Eagles and upgrade to a larger boat from Leonardo, there is typically already a buyer lined up to purchase their boat before the upgrade. In conclusion, we anticipate a growing interest in Leonardo’s offerings with a very strong demand for Eagles on the brokerage market for years to come.

If you are interested in these beautiful boats, we highly suggest scheduling a showing on one of our state-side boats and/or a visit to the Leonardo factory! All of Leonardo’s models are truly beautiful boats built for pure enjoyment on the water.

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