The Best Cruising Blogs (and Vlogs!) Making a Splash on the Internet

Boating Blogs

Chances are, if you’re considering going on your own boating adventure, you’ve happened across a cruising blog of some kind. While there are a few blogs that are super well-known and popular among aspiring cruisers, there are now thousands of boaters blogging their travels. Cruiser blogs have inspired countless internet surfers that “heck, if they can do it, why cant we!?”

Here, we’ve listed some of our favorite cruising blogs/vlogs by category, as boaters are a diverse bunch!

Sailing Blogs for the Cruising Couple

SV Delos

SV Delos was one of the first video blogs that made sailing ~young and sexy~. Gone are the days of salty old men ruling the sailing image! Beginning his adventure in 2008 in Seattle, Washington, Brian Trautman purchased a 2000 Amel Super Maramu. Over the past 10 years, Delos has covered over 70,000 miles and visited 45 countries- no small feat! The crew of SV Delos was one of the first to (very) successfully crowdfund their adventures. In return for exclusive content and it’s sustainability, the “Delos Tribe” contribute to the crew’s adventures, allowing them to continue to document their travels.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Another young, attractive couple letting us in on their day-to-day life aboard, Riley & Elayna have amassed a following rivaling that of SV Delos. Though they just began cruising in 2013, they have logged over 71,000 nm. They’ve since upgraded (a serious understatement) to a beautiful Outremer Catamaran, and added a little addition to their crew. That addition will likely scoot them down to our family cruising blog section soon, but for now, we’ll keep them here!

Sailing into Freedom

Peter and Margarida document their adventures on a 42′ monohull, “Freedom”. They abide by their cruising “Eight Amendments” with rules including no marina stays, no sailing on a schedule, and doing boat work yourself.


You could call “ON A BOAT” the sequal to a blog mentioned below in the ICW category (Katie and Jessie on a Boat). Jessie of  the Jessie and Katie duo has continued her adventure on the water, now cruising a ’62 Pearson Invicta 37 named “Desirée”. She and her husband Luke started their journey on Lake Michigan in the spring of 2017, completed an Atlantic crossing, and left “Desirée” on the hard in Portugal for the latter months of 2018. Their plan is to continue their voyage from there, exploring the Caribbean and East Coast of the United States.

Cruising with Kids

Sailing Totem

Behan and Jamie Gifford set sail in 2008 with a 4, 6, and 9 year old after finding the day-to-day hustle unfulfilling. In April of 2018, they completed a full circumnavigation! Behan co-authored “Voyaging with Kids” in 2015, a wonderful resource for folks considering the cruising lifestyle (available here). Gifford’s posts cover topics ranging from the transition to cruising to laundry and homeschooling.

Knot Vikings

Chris and Stefanie left Sweden in 2017, headed south, crossed the Atlantic, and are currently in Bonaire. With a 3 year old, Leo, in tow, their adventures are fun to follow. Check out their vlog here


Brittany and Scott knew that they wanted a non-conventional lifestyle, and that choice became much more interesting once they had kids! Now living aboard with an (almost) 7 year old and twin 5 year olds, they have bought a charter company in Tortola, planning to cruise more in the future.

Cruising with Furry Kids

The Boat Galley

Carolyn Shearlock and her husband have cruised on both a monohull (Tayana 37) and multihull (34′ Gemini) over the past eleven years. With over 20 articles about cruising with pets alone, The Boat Galley is a great resource for cruising advice.

MJ Sailing

Georgie the cat, alongside her humans Matt and Jessica, has cruised in the US, Bahamas, Cuba, and Central America. With two Atlantic crossings complete, they have sold their first boat and bought another, a 37′ aluminum monohull. “Elements”, their new ride, has already taken them to the Azores, where she is currently moored. Even when exploring off of the boat, Matt and Jessica post some fun content!

Cruising the Ditch (ICW Cruising)

Katie and Jessie on a Boat

When you think of those traveling the ICW, who comes to mind? For most, a couple in the 50’s-70’s cruising their trawler at a leisurely pace. Forget all of that, and meet Katie and Jess. At 23, they cruised a Cal 27, “Louise”, completing the Great Loop (also at a leisurely pace dictated by the ~5mph pace dictated by “Louise”‘s engine).

Amphibious Cruising/Trailer Trawling

Trailer Trawler Life

Jim and Lisa Favors are long-distance cruisers who are no strangers to the ICW. Having completed the loop twice already, they made the decision to downsize to a Ranger Tug R29 for their latest adventures. “Kismet”‘s most recent destination (January ’19) was The Thousand Islands, over 1,800 islands on the St. Lawrence River, straddling the US/Canada border.

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