New Boat Manufacturer Spotlight: X-Yachts

Ashley Yachts is the proud representative of X-Yachts for the Southeastern United States.

X-Yachts History

X-Yachts’ factory in Haderslev, Denmark has been designing and producing some of the highest quality sailboats available for just shy of 40 years. Beginning with IOR boats in the 80’s, the manufacturer experienced great success in the performance sailboat market. This success made apparent the demand for high-performance boats that offered the thrill of a racing boat alongside the comforts of a cruising yacht. Throughout the 90’s, X-Yachts produced a number of performance cruising models with builds including the X-412 and X-562.

In 2009, X-Yachts launched the XCruising line, beginning with the Xc 45. The Xc 42, Xc 50, and Xc 38 all followed suit, entering production within the next year. Building upon years of experience in performance boat manufacturing, X-Yachts extablished the current XPerformance line in 2010. The newest offering from the manufacturer is the ‘X‘ line, a true performance cruiser, with models ranging from 40 feet to over 60 feet in length.

What Makes an X-Yacht Superior?

X-Yachts most notable feature is a galvanized steel (carbon in the Xp line) framework. This provides for an exceptionally strong, safe boat alongside exclusively keel-stepped masts and rod rigging. X-Yachts age extremely well, with resale values to prove it. When compared to boats of a similar size and even style, discerning racers and cruisers alike who do thorough research discover that the level of quality found in an X-Yacht is not easily matched. No matter the monetary or production time cost, this is one builder who refuses to cut any corners, and it’s easy to see why these boats are so loved and respected world-wide.

Current Offerings

Currently, X-Yachts offers three lines of yachts: the XPerformance, XCruising, and ‘X‘ models. Constant innovations resulting in new models, alongside updated versions of successful models in production for years ensures the longevity and relevance of the brand.


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