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The design of NEEL Trimarans is unlike any cruising trimaran on the market today. An innovative layout allowing for abundant, light-filled space sets these boats apart from traditional multihulls. Many people enjoy the space and comfort afforded by a multihull, but have apprehensions regarding layout and performance. NEEL has found a space somewhere between a monohull and traditional cruising catamaran that entices both the traditional, single-hull sailor as well as the multihull enthusiast.


Maximum Righting Moment
The maximum righting moment of a trimaran is 32° heel, compared to 12° on a catamaran.

PVC Foam Sandwich Construction
The construction of NEEL Trimarans alongside collision bulkheads ensure optimal safety at sea.

Central Hull Fin
The design of the center hull of NEEL Trimarans feature a fin, which protects running gear.

Comfort At Sea
The low center of gravity provided by the concentration of weight in the center hull of NEEL Trimarans provides superior seakeeping to a catamaran. This provides sailing performance more similar to that of a monohull, which many find to be more comfortable in rough seas.


The NEEL 45 is offered in two layouts, an Owner’s Version and a Charter Version. The Owner’s Version features three double cabins alongside two heads, while the Charter Version is built with two additional “tween” cabins and additional, convertible bed in the salon.


LOA: 45′
Beam: 28′
Draft: 4′
Engine: 55 hp Volvo
Air Draft: 63′
Water: 160 Gallons
Fuel: 80 Gallons Diesel

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The NEEL 51, the newest model to join the fleet, has enjoyed great feedback and popularity in it’s first year of production. Sliding doors join the salon and cockpit into one large, open space.


LOA: 51′
Beam: 30′
Draft: 5’9″
Engine: 75 hp Volvo
Water: 160 Gallons
Fuel: 160 Gallons

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NEEL 65 Evolution

The largest model currently offered by NEEL, the NEEL 65 offers the a cockpit/salon configuration similar to that of the 51. This allows for up to 14 comfortably seated guests, not including additional outdoor seating areas. Plentiful accommodations, a spacious interior, and massive storage inclusive of a dinghy garage make spending time on the NEEL 65 a truly unique experience.


LOA: 65′
Beam: 63’2″
Draft: 5’9″
Engine: 150 hp
Air Draft: 89′
Water: 263 Gallons
Fuel: 263 Gallons

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