The Xcruising range was designed for sailors who want to cruise in style and comfort. These boats boast the same design and build qualities that X-Yachts’ performance designs are renowned for. Every model in the Xc range offers the same enjoyable sailing experience that X-Yachts owners are familiar with, but with deeper, more ‘V’-shaped hulls that give greater interior volume and high stability, with a marginal reduction in light-air performance.

Launched in 2008, X-Yachts’ XCruising line built upon proven, performance-based designs to create the perfect cruising yacht, with models from 35′-50′. A galvanized steel frame bolted directly to the Xc keel ensures unmatched rigidity and safety.

XCruising Attributes

  • Increased Displacement. The boats of the Xc line feature increased displacement to account for cruising gear including larger engines, additional tankage, and anchoring gear.
  • Draft Options. Moderate drafts (with options for shallow draft versions as well) allow for safe cruising no matter the destination.
  • Protected Cockpits. A comfortable, safe cockpit is immensely important to the sailing cruiser. The Xc cockpit has been designed with this in mind, with options for dodgers, biminis, and windshields.
  • Handling. Each Xc model is designed for ease of handling whether sailing single-handed or with a full crew. From cockpit design and sail plan to options such as an inner forestay and spinnaker A-frame, the Xc is built for cruising enjoyment.

Xc 38

Ideal for double-handed sailing, the Xc 38 is a great boat for the cruiser looking for an easily-handled boat with plentiful space for guests.

“Her hull has proven capable and sea-kindly, good for covering the miles. But with her modern, muscular lines, she carries much of the performance DNA of the racier Xp line.”

Despite her blue water credentials, the Xc 38 still provides the performance, response, and exhilaration under sail that X-Yacht Owners have come to expect from any X-Yacht.


LOA: 40′
Beam: 12’6″
Draft: 6’6″
Engine: 41 hp
Air Draft: 62′ (Al)
Water: 99 Gallons
Fuel: 53 Gallons
Starting from €299.400

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Xc 42

No-compromise comfort, impressive pace, and ease of handling provide the Xc42 owner with the freedom to cruise a safe boat customized to their liking.


LOA: 44’1″
Beam: 13’5″
Draft: 5’7″ or 6’11”
Engine: 54 hp
Air Draft: 67′ (Al)
Water: 137 Gallons
Fuel: 66 Gallons
Starting from €379.900

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Xc 45

The Xc 45 was X-Yachts’ first foray into designing a dedicated cruiser with exceptional performance capabilities.


“The Xc45 strikes a deft balance between comfort, performance, security and looks. She is a very user-friendly, inviting boat to sail, neither daunting in size nor heavy enough to exert worrying loads on the deck gear. And, for a displacement cruiser, the Xc45 really is a remarkably pleasant yacht to helm.”


LOA: 47’7″
Beam: 14’2″
Draft: 5’11” or 7’3″
Engine: 75 hp
Air Draft: 71′ (Al)
Water: 162 Gallons
Fuel: 116 Gallons
Starting from €466.800

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Xc 50

The largest of the XCruising range, the Xc 50 allows her owner a multitude of customization opportunities. The Xc50 is a refined bluewater cruiser ready to take her owner anywhere.


LOA: 51’3″
Beam: 15’1″
Draft: 6’5″ or 7’9″
Engine: 110 hp
Air Draft: 76′ (Al)
Water: 213 Gallons
Fuel: 162 Gallons
Starting from €659.900

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